Welcome to the V:TES European Championship 2023 Barcelona website.


On this page, you will be able to find all the information you may need to register, search for accommodation, locate the event, and other relevant topics.

This section will be dedicated to present you the news as the date of the Championship approaches. The information of the rest of the sections will be locked once published to avoid possible errors.

Everybody who pays the ticket for the VTES European Championship will get a “WELCOME PACK” with some different gifts yet to be revealed. The exclusive promo card for this event; “PIPERIT’S NOT INCLUDED IN THE “WELCOME PACK”, and only the players of each tournament will have the option to get one. We will give away one copy of the PIPER the saturday, and an extra copy the sunday.

LAST UPDATE 11-09-2023 : Week of nightmares Timetable. SHOP available

UPDATE 28-06-2023 : image of the promo card PIPER, by Gines Quiñonero.

UPDATE 22-06-2023: timetables confirmed, and registration fee for friday 13th