In case of any doubt or question about the European Championship, you can write to us an e-mail to:


We’re a group of V:TES fans, being for more than 20 years as active players and tournament organizers.

Marta Ribalta

Headmanager at the Infernal Forge Store and BPG Trade and publishing.

Ruben Blanch

Prince of Barcelona and staff at Infernal Forge.

Francesc Ros

V:TES CARD DEALER and antidiluvian player

Oscar Caballero

Old-School player since 2000

Tomas Lopez

Prince of Badia del Vallés, Worldwide rank number in 2020

Organizer of more than 70 V:TES official tournament


Arnau Diez

V:TES Spanish Lord Coordinator.

Oriol Pubill Designer ands Programmer